Bookipi Partners with Fat Zebra to Launch Payments Platform



Bookipi is set to launch its new invoice payments platform, BookiPay, in Australia in partnership with fellow Australian FinTech, Fat Zebra.

Through the partnership, Bookipi will use FinTech Fat Zebra’s payment infrastructure to support its new invoice payments platform to handle delayed invoice payment problems that have plagued Australian small businesses. Reports shared that Australian businesses witnessed over 40% of their invoices are paid late. According to a Prushka report, almost half of small and medium businesses reported that they needed to ask clients more than twice to get their invoices paid.

Bookipi CEO Tim Lee said about the partnership, “We look forward to partnering with Fat Zebra to launch our invoice payments platform. Australian small businesses rely on their invoices getting paid and getting paid on time to run their businesses. Our invoice payments software BookiPay will get our customers paid faster by making it easier for invoice recipients to pay their invoices and for business owners to track their invoice payments.”

Fat Zebra is a global, scalable payments platform that focuses on giving its partners local market access through a single global network.

Fat Zebra CEO Pred Dragila said about the partnership, “At Fat Zebra, we provide our partners with a scalable global payment solution where they can access multiple local markets through the one payment network. We’re proud to be partnering with Bookipi to help small businesses eliminate barriers slowing their cash flow. We want to provide our customers with a solution that gives them speed to market and grow their local and international footprint.”


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